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Rajiv Gandhi assassination, dot/bindi on the forehead of Dhanu, doubts arising again

With  and without dot/bindi/pottu. How many such dots?
Endless mysteries... Rajiv assassination had how many dots/bindis/pottus?

Regarding the death of late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, Trichy veluchami shared many unknown secrets to Kumudam website [interview].

He raised the dot/bindi/pottu on the forehead of Dhanu, who reported to have carried the bomb to kill Rajiv, as an important clue.

In a photograph taken about 15 minutes before the explosion of a bomb, Dhanu with the garland standing near Sivarasan had no dot/bindi in forehead.

The bomb exploded body of Dhanu has a dot/bindi on the forehead. He publicly showed two images. Then he raised an important question.

It would be fair to miss a dot/bindi on a forehead after a bomb blast, if she had one. But if the dot/bindi is coming after the death, how that's going to be fair?

Was that dot/bindi added to show that the killer is a Tamil woman?

Or, is that scattered woman body not of Dhanu?

Or, did Dhanu add dot/bindi after she's photographed? If so, from where she got that dot/bindi?


He informed that at that event, a video was taken; it's not yet handed over for trial by Home Ministry Secretary R.K.Narayanan; this case's mystery is hidden on that; Santhan, Perarivalan and Murugan are innocents.

Following this, he has also raised many questions.

  1. Question 01: Then P. Chidambaram, who was in charge of Rajiv Gandhi investigation said that the investigation reports have lost forever... Is it right..?
  2. Question 02: Communist D. Pandian was injured on that incident. When he asked P.Chidambaram about that, Chidambaram gave an evasive reply. Why?
  3. Question 03: How Narasimha Rao became Prime Minister again after Rajiv's death, who earlier said that he's leaving politics completely?
  4. Question 04: Even before beginning the investigation on the assassination, how Subramanian Swamy concluded that it's was by LTTE?
  5. Question 05: Why Subramanian Swamy's having black cat security, when he's not even a Panchayat leader?
  6. Question 06: Important four people, who enjoy Rajiv's properties and political strength maintain silence on this matter... Why?
  7. Question 07: How all of the main suspects in this case keep continuing in high degree jobs?
  8. Question 08: Why Karthikeyan broke the teeth of a person who informed that Chandraswami blessed the belt bomb with pooja and handed over to Sivarasan?
  9. Question 09: Karthikeyan wanted to show LTTE alone is criminal. Why did he prevent the investigation after that?
Nine of the above questions provide inspiration for many new questions. Day before yesterday, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa mentioned that Karunanidhi taken decision to hang the three including Perarivalan. If so, how he took that decision? Was P. Chidambaram who was then a Home Minister behind him...?

  1. Question 10: How LTTEs are connected to it? Why Puthumathalan maintained silence without revealing truth till the end?
  2. Question 10: What's happening on South Asian politics...? What happened... why Sri Lankan Tamils became victim on this?

Here, listen to Trichy Veluchami's interview:

Translated from ராஜீவ் காந்தி படுகொலை தனுவின் நெற்றியில் இருந்த பொட்டு மீண்டும் எழும் சந்தேகங்கள்,, dated 2011-09-03 6:40am