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Rajiv assassination shaking truths

Today e-mail messages are been circulated on the news that Rajiv assassination shaking truths. The e-mail is given here as it is.

20 years have passed since former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi's assassination. In connection with the assassination, some LTTEs are arrested as criminals and they're serving their sentence. But, mysteries still continues.

Who carried out the terrible murder? To date, there is no clear answer. For twenty years, new information and books are getting published.

What actually happened? What's happening? With questions about the assassination of Rajiv, we met Trichy Veluchamy who exposed many realities to Jain Commission.

For what purpose did you meet Jain Commission?

May 21, 1991 night Rajiv was assassinated. The same day at 10pm, I called Subramanian Swamy, who was in New Delhi. At that time, I was with the Janata Party.  It was a peak time for the election campaign, general meeting was to be held in Madurai, and he had to come the next day.  Regarding that I called him by 10.25 pm to talk about it. He immediately said, "Are you going to convey that Rajiv has expired? I know that already."

I could not understand anything. There was no communication facility then. Having confused, I called intelligence officials of Trichy and checked about it. "We don't know anything like that", they said. At that time we couldn't confirm Rajiv Gandhi's death. Bomb exploded at 10:10 at night... clouds of smoke... screaming...  confusion...  after sometime  Jayanti Natarajantan seen Rajiv's leg that found apart. She shouted at Moopanar. He came and searched along other bodies. Finally, to confirm all parts of Rajiv's body, it took more than half an hour; he said that in an interview next day. So, only by 10:40 at least, the assassination was able to confirm.

In that case, how come Subramanium Swamy alone knows that earlier? Who informed him? He only informed the media first time that the assassination was done by LTTE. Investigation itself began next day. Why should he blame all of a sudden on the LTTE? All this made me to suspect. Not only that, after and before the assassination, there are several doubts on Subramanian Swamy's actions. Mystery... Shock...  all these made me go to the Jain Commission."

Did they accept your petition suspecting Subramanian Swamy? Share us about that experience...

I knew that I wasn't standing against ordinary people. However, I dared to stand before the Jain Commission. Commission Secretary Manohar Lal who took my petition starred at me. After reading his face was full of asperity.  "Are you blaming and suspecting Subramanian Swamy? ", He asked. "Yes",  I said. Having placed my petition in table just, he said "Come tomorrow... we'll see". I doubted that they would not accept my plea.

I had great emotional stress. As for my safety concerns, I stayed in a different name in ordinary hotels. At that time, senior Congress MP Rajni Ranjan Sahu searched around to meet me. He is close to Sonia's family. My friend from Tanjore told me about that.

I myself went to Ranjan's house. "Soniaji is looking to meet you at home", he said. Then, from there I went to the house of Sonia with Ranjan. "Madam is not here", they said with tension after hearing my name. With disappointment I returned informing them that I would be come next morning.

And did you meet Sonia Gandhi then?

I'll tell you the information that I have not shared with any media... The next day I met Sonia. That house was quite calm. Sonia's aides Madhavan and Pillai, who always used to be there, took me inside. They asked about my affidavit that I was going to submit to the Jain Commission. Who was suspected on assassination? its context? any other doubts? everything they asked. Madhavan and Pillai themselves translated my talk to Sonia. They noted them in pencil whenever I speak. The tape recorder on a table also recorded that.

After three-hour meeting, "What are you interested in this? Looking for something from the party? Why do you want to do this without expectation?", she asked. "I do not have any expectations. It's enough for me to unhide the truth", I explained.

Came till the door, I looked at her with some hesitation."If you need help, ask me without any hesitation", she said. "I'm afraid that all my efforts would be wasted. Yesterday, when I gave the petition, the Secretary of Commission himself saw me differently. Only when my petition is accepted, I can put forth my questions and unhide many truths. Can you help me or something?", I asked.

"When is your petition coming for hearing?", she asked. I told her the date. Noted down the date, she said, "Okay, please come again". Suddenly not sure what she thought... she torn down  a paper from a diary found there and noted 5 telephone numbers of the house with pencil, "whenever and wherever you're, when you need any urgent help, please ask", she asked and gave me that paper.

That's it. And then I have never met her. Twenty years have passed. I didn't want her to assume that I expected any favor from her and so I didn't contact her through telephone.

You didn't share what did you discuss with Sonia? After that what happened in Delhi?

I'll not share that under any circumstances; it may not be decent. But, I must say what kind of help I've received. When there was a confusion to accept my plea or not, suddenly the atmosphere got tensed with striking polices and black cats; with that Priyanka came there. She sat there in calm. My petition came for hearing.

I have explained my reasons. They're accepted. That's it... Priyanka left with a smile at me. That's the only help I have received.

After that, when I interrogated Subramanian Swamy for three days, Priyanka Gandhi came in person. Those three days, she took notes of the happening. She'd look at me with smile when she'd leave.

How was the interrogation with Subramanian Swamy?

How did you alone know Rajiv's assassination in advance? How did you tell LTTEs carried out the assassination? On behalf of the LTTE, Kittu gave a report from London that "LTTE is not responsible for the assassination"; in that circumstance, what's the reason why did you inform the media that LTTE's the reason? I asked similar questions. Subramanian Swamy said, "I've received the information from Sri Lanka".

"The officers on the scene could not confirm. Tamil Nadu polices have not told with confidence. Central Government did not receive clear information. In that case, if Sri Lanka knows, who's that person?", I said him.  He rolled his eyes. Similarly, the next day of assassination of Rajiv, May 21st, Swamy had a general meeting in Madurai. It was given great publicity in the newspapers.

"Where is the flight ticket you're purchased to attend Madurai general meeting?"; on hearing this question, he got sweating. It's election time. All airline tickets might be booked. He didn't reserve such flight ticket at all. Reason... he knows the plan of Rajiv's assassination. Terrible thing's going to happen. Why to go there, he thought himself.

Not only that. Before May 21st, Swamy was in Tamil Nadu for election campaign. I was his translator. Then, he did not know Tamil. Before the assassination, on 20th, we're staying in Salem. "We have not received the money for party expenses?", the executives asked. Swamy told them, "If election happens, we'll manage. Why hurry?", he said. No answer from him on that incident when I asked him.

More importantly, on the night by 1'o clock, had a meeting at the Salem-Attur. "For an emergency work to be completed, had to go to New Delhi", saying that he flown to Chennai. It happened suddenly. When informed that there's no flight at that time, he said that he'd take care and flown in car. The executives' car that followed his car met with an accident near Achirapakkam. Former MLA Gurumurthy, Salem District Rathinavel, Kanchipuram Ehamparam were wounded severely. Without minding them, he rushed to Chennai.

I rang to Delhi to enquire about it. If Swamy went there by morning flight, he might have reached home by 9'o clock. Keep in mind, I called. Swamy's wife knows me well. She treated me as one of his family members. "What Veluchami... He's there only... Why are you calling here?", she said. I got confused. Immediately, I called his office. There also received same response. Thought that he might be in Chennai, I called Chennai. I called all friends of Swamy. Everyone said that he's in Delhi. Swamy was a minister in central then.

Daily 'movement report file' is a must for the ministers. When asked about it, he said that it was missed. Reason is that Swamy did not go to Delhi on that day. In a hotel found near a famous hospital in Chennai, Chandraswami was staying secretly without any registration. Swamy was staying with him only. From there, they went to Bangalore in car all the way.

One day before the assassination of Rajiv, activities of the two was Samis were mysteries. For all these questions, Subramanian Swamy had no answers. His shirt was wet with sweating. There was such a quiet silence. Priyanka was looking at Swamy and me. Priyanka's face was looking furious and angry. Justice Jain while looking closely at Swamy, without even disbursing the court, he stood up and left.

CBI Officer Karthikeyan and Ragothaman have said that the assassination was done by LTTE itself?

I object that. Only on the basis of my statements, Jain Commission said, "We have to investigate Chandraswami and Subramanian Swamy. They did not give adequate cooperation". Accepting that, they created Multi-Disciplinary Monitoring Agency. But, that agency hasn't called Chandraswami and Subramanian Swamy till date over last 20-years.

A girl was always with Subramanian Swamy then. Wherever Swamy goes to public meetings, she used to be there too. She belongs to an anti-LTTE group of Sri Lanka. That girl is missing after the assassination of Rajiv. No one knows where she went. I have given photographic evidence to the Multi-Disciplinary Monitoring Agency.

CBI officer Karthikeyan and CBI hearing officer Ragothaman have written and published a book; it's all written based on the documents produced by the CBI. They themselves created it.

My confession, my suspicion and all evidences say "LTTE didn't conduct this assassination". It's not that foolish organization. That was done by other militant group. Only that group has foreign conspiracy involved. My opinion is that everything was led by two Swamys!

Thanks - Suriyakathir

Translated from ரஜீவ் படுகொலை அதிரும் உண்மைகள்,, dated 2011-06-21 8:25 am



  1. Who was that girl the latter who accompanied S.Samy pre-killing of Late Rajiv and went into oblivion immediately after the killing?.

    Where is the Video cassette that Mr.Narayanan spoke of, in his letter? Why it was deliberated stashed away from Jain Commission ?

    How was the ' film(ed) roll from the camera owned by Late Babu went into the hands
    of Mrs.Maragatham Chandrasekhar, without ( ? ) the knowledge of the police officials?

    How Mr.S.Samy instantaneously pointed his finger at the LTTE, leave alone the fact
    Mr. S.S. had been known of the fact of ' liquidation ' well before that 10:45 pm ?
    Had it been a docile-protocol for a cabinet minister accusing his 'cankered' finger ' at the LTTE, with no facts around or investigation findings? If he is a Harvard professor, to say he is that professor-like what facts he had at the moment of his accusation ?

    Why the ' Malligai ' people did not call for questioning / interrogation of : Kalaignar, Vaiko, S.Samy ?

    Could it be said the final verdict ' .......proved beyond reasonable doubts.....? '
    and who was the ' brain behind ' and why, if at all there had been one ( there is )
    his statement ( deposition) had not been obtained ? If it could be said it was 'unobtainable ' how could the deliverance be termed as ' beyond reasonable doubt' ?
    Leave them alone, could capital punishment be meted upon in such ' rarest of rarest' cases?

    More barrage of posers than just rejoinders by the SIT


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